Data Curation + Labeling

Show compelling content across digital platforms and accelerate AI.

The challenge of relevance and AI readiness

Customers respond to what’s relevant. Ensuring they only see relevant products and
content on your digital platforms requires analytical savvy and quality data. And if you’re investing in AI, a model that’s learning from bad data can be worse than useless.

Delivering relevant – and ultimately, intelligent – experiences demands unrelenting
attention to data quality. But typically, data curation is no one’s job.

As a result, curation either becomes an ungainly ad hoc program, forces high-skill talent into repetitive work, or simply doesn’t get done. In these cases, getting your data unstuck requires help.

Do these cushions go with that couch? Building a more human eCommerce experience.

Choosing a data curation team

Data curation demands the right resources, in the right timeframe, at the right budget –
all of which takes expertise to deliver.

Scalability. Data curation is by nature a large-scale effort. A data partner needs the resources, technology, and above all, experience to scale operations efficiently.

Global reach. Many projects require global datasets and perspectives. Through our
proprietary OneForma platform, we reach hundreds of thousands of resources across
200+ markets.

Technology. Data curation can’t work efficiently without the technology to back it up – whether that’s resource management, data analytics, machine translation, or QA delivery. We have it all.

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Our data curation approach

We take a partnership approach, identifying your true needs and leveraging the resources and expertise required to deliver on them.

Defining Requirements

Asking the right questions upfront

Our team works with yours to think strategically. What are our goals? Do we need
subject-matter experts, or people from a certain audience or culture? We start by ensuring we’re solving the right problems.

Data Curation

Gathering high-quality material
Recruiting a team of resources, we set clear, repeatable standards and send out or team to get the data you need, whether it’s in the form of images, text, or voice.

Validation and QA

Building trust in the product
Accuracy and relevance is key. Through our OneForma platform, we draw on a pool of hundreds of thousands of resources who can be called on to scrutinize your data and hold it to the highest of standards.